Overview of all news from the AXSIS team.

New 1 Joule laser

24 September 2019

The laser installation has commenced

20 August 2019

Another key milestone has been achieved by the team at DESY.

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Coupled terahertz device significantly improves electron beam quality

28 June 2019

Scientists at DESY have achieved a new world record for an experimental type of miniature particle accelerator: For the first time, a terahertz powered accelerator more than doubled the energy of the injected electrons.

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Milestone for compact particle accelerators.

13 June 2019

The team headed by Andreas Maier from the University of Hamburg and by Franz Kärtner from DESY is presenting its findings in the current issue of Nature Communications.

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AXSIS team welcome the first visitors to the lab.

11 June 2019

On Tuesday, 11 June 2019, the doors of the AXSIS lab were opened.

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Wheels in motion: construction for the AXSIS lab is well underway

10 June 2019

We are pleased to announce the final stages of construction.

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