AXSIS one out of 10 most promising photonics projects funded by the ERC

25 June, 2020

The AXSIS project could help reveal such ultrafast chemical responses to light thanks to innovative developments relating to compact attosecond X-ray sources (an attosecond is one quintillionth of a second) and terahertz accelerators.

Please the latest article captioned 'New ultrafast X-ray techniques could capture electron motion at molecular level' on the European Commission's CORDIS website. This article reports on the important work being carried out by the AXSIS team. 

Also featured on the EU Commission website was the latest CORDIS Results Pack which illustrates how photonics pushes the frontiers of science and ultimately improves our daily lives. The article titled 'Light years ahead: EU research and innovation projects show how photonics will shape the future' featured the AXSIS project as one of the 10 of the most promising photonics projects funded by the ERC. 

The projects featured in this Results Pack are just a few examples of how photonics can change technology and affect our daily lives. Photonics is expected to create exciting new opportunities in the future, exceeding the limits of what can be achieved through conventional technologies.