News and Events


STEAM on the cover of Nature Photonics!

We are excited our work on the STEAM device is featured as the cover article for the current Nature Photonics issue.


Excited to hear about novel accelerator schemes?

We are happy to announce Prof. Franz X. Kärtner will give a plenary talk on "Terahertz driven accelerators” at the ISUPTW – Conference, Changsha, China, April 23-26, 2018.


Hear about the latest results of the AXSIS project at the MICS Conference in Straßbourg!

Prof. Franz X. Kärtner gives an invited keynote talk on “High energy terahertz generation and electron acceleration” at the Mid-Infrared Coherent Sources (MICS) Conference, Straßbourg, France, March 26-27, 2018.


Invited talk at EAAC 2017

We are happy to announce Dr. Nicholas Matlis will present on "Acceleration of electrons in THz driven structures" in an invited talk at the European Advanced Accelerator Concepts workshop on Elba, Italy.


Keynote talk at the ICO-24 Conference

We are honored to present the progress on our AXSIS project in a keynote session of the upcoming ICO-24 Conference in Tokyo, Japan!


Invited talk at SMTWSA in Russia

If you are curious to learn more about acceleration of electrons in THz driven structures join the audience at the Strong Microwave and THz Waves: Sources & Applications (SMTWSA) Conference in Russia for an invited talk about our work on this topic!


New article published in Optica

Read about our new results on a compact THz driven electron gun in Optica!


Invited talk on new ways of efficient THz generation

We are pleased to announce Dr. Nicholas Matlis will give an invited talk on "Cascaded optical parametric chirped-pulse amplification for multi-cycle THz-wave generation" at the PIERS Symposium in St. Petersburg, Russia.


IRMMW-THz keynote talk

Learn more about the recent demonstration of an ultra-compact THz-driven electron gun: Dr. Arya Fallahi presents recent developments at the IRMMW-THz Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark in an invited keynote talk.


Deutschlandfunkt broadcasts about the AXSIS project in February!



High interest in cascaded OPA for efficient THz generation

We are happy to share that Dr. Koustuban Ravi's work on a novel way to efficiently generate THz via cascaded parametric amplification was the most downloaded paper in Optics Letters this month!


You are interested in the overall concept of the AXSIS project?

Here's a brand new article that outlines the details of the effort on the ERC funded project.


New article published in Nature Communications

Recent results on our efforts on a THz driven compact LINAC were just published in Nature Communications!


CoAXSA workshop

Compact attosecond X-ray sources and their applications: July 19 - July 21, 2015 at DESY, Center for Free-Electron Laser Science Hamburg, Germany


EU funds a high resolution time lens for the nanocosm with 14 million €

European Research Council supports innovative cooperation
To trace and understand chemical and biological processes taking place in just some quintillionths of a second with full atomic detail: this is the goal of a research project of four scientists of the University of Hamburg, DESY, and Arizona State University receiving 14 million euros from the European Research Council ERC for the coming six years. In the context of this project, a new research facility will be established at DESY.