The use of THz radiation for electron acceleration and manipulation of electron bunches has progressed over the last decade to a level where practical implementations of THz-powered photoguns, LINACs and a wide range of beam manipulators have become possible. We have designed a segmented terahertz electron accelerator and manipulator (STEAM) capable of performing multiple high-field operations on the 6D-phase-space of ultrashort electron bunches. With this single device, powered by few-micro-Joule, single-cycle, 0.3 THz pulses, we demonstrate record THz-acceleration of >30 keV, streaking with <10 fs resolution, focusing with >2 kT/m strength, compression to ~100 fs (FWHM) as well as real-time switching between these modes of operation. The STEAM device demonstrates the feasibility of THz-based electron accelerators, manipulators and diagnostic tools enabling science beyond current resolution frontiers with transformative impact.

The size of our STEAM device is comparable to that of a 2 cents coin.