AXSIS: Frontiers in Attosecond X-ray Science: Imaging and Spectroscopy

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AXSIS: Frontiers in Attosecond X-ray Science, Imaging and Spectroscopy

The AXSIS project at CFEL-Hamburg is a European Research Council funded project. The team is developing a new method of attosecond serial X-ray crystallography and spectroscopy, to give a full description of ultrafast processes atomically resolved in real space and on the electronic energy landscape, from co-measurement of X-ray and optical spectra, and X-ray diffraction. This technique will revolutionize our understanding of structure and function at the atomic and molecular level and thereby unravel fundamental processes in chemistry and biology like energy conversion processes.

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AXSIS News - key highlights

AXSIS one out of 10 most promising photonics projects funded by the ERC

25 June 2020

The AXSIS project could help reveal such ultrafast chemical responses to light thanks to innovative developments relating to compact attosecond X-ray sources (an attosecond is one quintillionth of a second) and terahertz accelerators.

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Tiny double accelerator recycles energy

20 March 2020

Proof of concept for cascaded terahertz accelerator using long pulses. “Terahertz-based accelerators have emerged as promising candidates for next-generation compact electron sources,” explains Franz Kärtner, Lead Scientist at DESY and head of the CFEL group that built the device.

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