An advanced control system of the X-ray emission spectrometer for the AXSIS project

21 September, 2020

Find out more about the collaboration work for this XES Spectrometer across Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, MIPT-NPM and DESY.

Von Hamos X-ray emission spectrometer for the AXSIS beamline

A team collaboration has been established between Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (Igor Khokhriakov), MIPT-NPM (Alexander Nozik) and DESY (Victoria Mazalova) for this project. 

The goal of the collaboration is to implement control of the new X-ray emission spectrometer for the AXSIS project (CFEL, DESY) and seamlessly integrate it into the project's software infrastructure (Tango-Controls + DOOCS).

The hardware and specification is provided by Victoria Mazalova (DESY). Alexander Nozik and his team (MIPT-NPM) are providing a cutting edge connector to the hardware-based on Kotlin multiplatform ( Finally, GUI and integration is done by Igor Khokhriakov (HZG) based on Waltz-Controls with help provided by Olga Merkulova from IK Company.

The first results have shown a promising outcome and collaboration hopes for a breakthrough solution in the end. Stay tuned...